The boyfriend blazer is still considered a fashion trend for 2010, like this one from Roamans. If this is something you want to work into your wardrobe, a great place to start your search is the second-hand or thrift shops. Head over to the men’s department (or the boy’s department if you’re of tiny stature) and look for a jacket that appears to be only one size too big. If you get something that is more than one size too big, it will overwhelm your shape and that isn’t a good thing! Since most men’s jackets have padded shoulders, look for the shoulder line to extend beyond yours by about one to one and a half inches past your own shoulder line.

The other vital piece of the boyfriend jacket is contrast. Make sure you find a way to keep the look feminine. One way to do this is to roll up the sleeves. The rolled sleeve is the “proof” that the jacket is really a man’s style because the sleeves will be too long for a normal woman. If the lining has a pattern, it just adds to the effect since many men’s suits have a lining showing a small pattern. If you find a woman’s jacket that is trying to copy the boyfriend jacket look, make sure it doesn’t have a pattern that is flowery or feminine in any way. This will be a sure sign that what you are wearing is the real thing! Other ways to add femininity: scrunched up sleeves, layers of jewelry, a lacy camisole, ruffle blouse, short shorts (a la Kate Bosworth), or skinny jeans.

While the boyfriend jacket is considered fashionable, it is not usually flattering to a woman’s shape. This is a trend and should be treated as such. This means that it is a fun addition to your wardrobe but don’t break the bank buying one because it won’t be in style for long!

May You Always Look Great!

Pat Roland, CTIC