Welcome to Guest Blogger, Kelly Himes! Kelly is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional in Cedar Rapids.

Permanent Makeup is gaining popularity in Eastern Iowa because women are beginning to understand the benefits of makeup applied permanently by the process of micro-pigmentation or tattooing. Some of the reasons women may seek to do permanent makeup:

  • An active lifestyle often causing makeup to smear or wear off;
  • Poor eyesight or neurological problems making steady application difficult;
  • Allergies or irritations caused by topical makeup;
  • Saving time
  • Enhancement of their natural look.

The most popular permanent makeup procedure is eyeliner, followed by eyebrows and lip color.  A certified technician may also do areola reconstruction for breast cancer patients.

Expect most procedures take about two to three hours, but they often require a second procedure after the first heals to achieve optimal results.  Many colors are available to choose from and pain control in the form of topical anesthetics is used before and during the procedure.

One client, Trudy, states, “Permanent Makeup changed my life both physically and psychologically.  Since I am basically blonde, my eyebrows, eyelashes and lips were colorless.  It’s wonderful to get up, get dressed and leave the house without a second thought about whether I look okay without makeup.”

When looking for a Permanent Makeup Technician, inquire about their initial training, as well as their continuing education.  Although state standards do not tell you how capable a technician is, be sure your technician complies with all state standards and their studio maintains the highest level of cleanliness. Check out technicians with membership to a non-profit organization like the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, and know what the organization requires of their members.

The best way to know a technician’s work is to see pictures of people who have had the procedure done.  It is most important that the technician knows and understands what your expectations are, and that you like their previous work.

For more information check out the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals at www.spcp.org.

Kelly Himes, CPCP
Studio 1146, Cedar Rapids