They look so cool on the runway. Even if I was 6 ft tall and had great legs (which is about the only way you look great in these shoes), I might be able to get away with 4-5” heels if I could sit in a chair all day. Unfortunately, I have to walk occasionally—the house to the car, the car to my office, my desk to a meeting. Suddenly, the pain of walking in 4-5” heels overtakes my inner diva. I’ve been dreaming about buying a pair if only they made gladiator sandals with lower heels!

Well, it’s time for me to put up or shut up ‘cause I found a pair. Now I have to face the tough question—is there any way these are going to look good on my short legs? Basically the cage of the shoe cuts the leg off and makes legs look shorter and, thus, not as attractive as a low cut pump would. But we can cheat (my favorite thing to do with fashion) by wearing shoes that are light brown or a neutral color. They may not be as flashy but the leg will look more elongated.

The best reason of all to buy them—I have a birthday coming up and it is a great birthday present to myself. I’ve got to start planning my next shopping trip!

May you always look great!

Pat Roland