Taking Action

Now that you have accepted yourself for who you are—not who you want to be or dream of being, it is time to take the next step–putting yourself in balance. In “Shape Identification” you saw the chart that showed you the area that needs attention in order to put your body shape in balance. If you remember simple geometry, it is easier to put yourself in balance.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.comUse clothes’ lines, color, and texture to draw attention to the assets and camouflage less desired areas:

    1. Draw attention with bright colors, heavy fabrics, patterns and shine.
    2. Camouflage areas with dark colors and smooth or lighter fabrics.
    3. Horizontal lines appear wider. Thick horizontal lines appear wider than thin horizontal lines.
    4. Vertical lines add length, but wide vertical lines can add bulk.
    5. A pattern usually will call attention to itself, even if it is against a lighter color. However, a dark pattern will be less noticeable against a bright color.

In simplistic terms, if you are an “A,” you should wear bright colors on top and dark colors on bottom. Stay away from corduroy, horizontal patterns and shiny fabrics on the bottom; wear horizontal strips on top and clothes with more bulk on top.

Of course, a “V” would do just about the opposite, wearing the darker colors on top and the brighter colors on the bottom. They can wear full skirts, skirts with horizontal patterns or even white jeans. It is very important for a “V” to have structure in their tops or they can end up looking like a man.

Now the “S” and “H” shape need to be careful that if they add bulk in one area, they need to offset that in the other area since they are already in balance. Those with an “S” shape should look for simple lines and stay away from too many embellishments. If you are an “H” then try to create the illusion of a waist with belts or cinched waistlines.

The “O” shape should look for top hemlines that fall below their stomach area. A top that is longer in front and shorter on the sides hides the stomach and makes the leg look longer. A great way to draw the eye away from a large stomach is by using diagonal lines. Do not try to hide an “O” shape under a tent of clothing. Look for tops that bring the focus up by your face or skirts that bring attention to your legs if they are nicely shaped. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t shaped as nicely as a super model. If they are your best feature, show them off!

Remember, there is no one answer that works for everyone. For every rule, there is an exception.

Next time we will take a look at some outfits that work for each shape!