Image education is about self-discovery. Basically, it’s about becoming aware of who you are, accepting who you are and then taking the decided action from there. While this tenant is true in all parts of life, it is especially true when it comes to your personal image.

Women spend so much time fighting the bodies they were born with. Of course, some of us carry extra weight or don’t carry enough weight. The reason isn’t important as far as your image in concerned. Whether you are planning to lose weight, gain weight or just stay where you are, the way you present yourself today is important. Don’t wait for tomorrow to make your first impression.

Speaking of first impressions, how does it make you feel when people tell you they love that blouse you are wearing? How about your great shoes? Or how about “did you lose weight?” I used to get these kinds of compliments; they are very rare these days. I get a much better compliment. I don’t hear it very often, but every once in a while someone I’ve met several times will say to me, “You always look nice.”

I’ve decided that looking great once in a while is fine, but looking nice all the time is much better. I feel confident everyday rather than just those days when people compliment my blouse, hair, shoes, purse, etc.

That’s it, that’s the goal of this information. I want you to get less “great shoes” compliments and get those truly great compliments that come less often but mean so much more: You Always Look Good.

May you always look good!